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Victoria Heath

Freelance Classical Musician & Teacher


Musician Information

Victoria is an accomplished musician having held the position of Bristol City Wait and became the official minstrel for the Mayor of Bristol for a year. During this time she performed in the Colston Hall, St George's and the Lord Mayor's Chapel. By age 15 she had gained a place in Bristol Pre-Conservatoire and a seat in the Bristol School's Philharmonia Orchestra, where she progressed to principal flute within a year. Victoria has also previously been invited to play with the Orchestra of the Swan.

Having graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, she has learnt under Susan Milan, Fiona Kelly, Eliza Marshall and Christopher Green. Victoria is part of numerous ensembles, including FlautingIt, the Wren Trio, Lumos Duo, Flute and Harp Duo and is also part of the Cinematic Syncopations Orchestra.

Victoria is also very active in the music community, running various projects across London and helping to transition many of these into exciting online courses. Her most notable projects are the MusicOnWheels Brent project, taking place from November 2019 to August 2020 and her very own creation: Notate Create Innovate workshops. Victoria has received the Vivian Prindl Prize Outreach Prize for her work. More information can be found out about these on the projects page.

Passionate about sharing music with others, Victoria has also found an enthusiasm for teaching music. She currently teaches woodwind in schools across London. 

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