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Notate Create Innovate

Creative musical workshops for children.

Notate Create Innovate offers a collection of FREE award-winning musical workshops online and in local communities!

Aimed at children aged 7-11, we strive to create engaging and creative content to benefit children across England. We don't currently have any workshops scheduled but feel free to check back or leave your email below to find out about future workshops!

Each workshop is held on Zoom and lasts approximately 50 minutes. There is a maximum of 10 children per workshop session.

Notate Create Innovate has recently been awarded the Vivian Prindl Outreach Prize for a Professional Skills Project.

Please email us at:

stating your name, child’s name, age and course preference to reserve a place today!

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"Enthusiastic teachers, excellent organisation, encouraged contribution from all participants in an very friendly and positive way, educational content well suited to a broad range of students."

"Megan and Victoria impressed me with how organised and entertaining their workshops are. It was great to see how engaged the children were!"

"My children never had so much fun whilst attending an online lesson. Truly amazing!"

"A very high level, creative and super interactive. Would love to join more in the future!"

"You are brilliant!"

Past Workshops


Are Conductors Wizards?

Wednesday 3rd February 4:00

Conductors: are they wizards or muggles? They wave their arms and sound comes out, we think there must be some magic going on there!

In this session, we’ll find out why conductors are used and how to conduct one of our tutors playing music live. This interactive workshop is sure to be great fun, with lots to learn and explore.


Musical Sounds Scavenger Hunt

Thursday 4th February 4:00

Discover how films sounds are not always as they seem with an exploration into the world of Foley technique. We will find out how cooking bacon is used (not just for eating!) and learn the many uses of rice. We promise this isn't a cooking tutorial…

This is a fun workshop with lots of movement and experimenting with day-to-day objects!


Identifying Instruments

Friday 5th February 4:00

Ever wanted to know how instruments work? Or perhaps be able to hear and identify them? This workshop will look at Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. In this session, we will look at what instruments are used and how they are made to sound like different characters.

This is a colourful piece with lots of creativity and story behind it. With live demonstrations of some of these instruments, it’s sure to be an exciting journey!

Want To Know More?

Feel free to visit my Notate Create Innovate blog where I documented the whole experience!

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3rd - 5th February Workshops

About Notate Create Innovate

With lots of experience creating and leading workshops with large organisations, Victoria Heath and Megan Storer are collaborating to bring affordable and engaging workshops to children across England.

They are both passionate musicians who have studied at one of London’s top Conservatoires and want to share their love for music with younger generations.

Check out their FlautingIt work on their Facebook and YouTube pages!

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