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Offermans Tsuru-no-Sugomori
Victoria Heath

Offermans Tsuru-no-Sugomori

Offermans' Tsuru-no-Sugomori (Nesting of Cranes), performed by Victoria Heath. The Nesting of Cranes is a transcription of a traditional shakuhachi melody played across Japan in many variations. This piece is based on the lives of Cranes, a revered animal often symbolising compassionate love, seen in the way they care for their young. It tells the story of a couple of cranes building a nest, laying eggs and raising their young until they are independent. The parents then fly away to their deaths, leaving the young cranes alone. Offermans uses a lot of techniques to evoke the sounds of the cranes and the shakuhachi (an end-blown bamboo flute). Typically, shakuhachi players do not use any tonguing, but begin the sound from the breath, often using breath attacks. He describes the sounds of this piece as being a natural consequence of the breathing. During the piece, Offermans employs 5 different types of vibrato, flutter tonguing and various other techniques to create interesting sounds. This evokes the image of gargling cranes and the flapping of wings. Feel free to check out my other work on my other pages and websites, all linked below! Website: Facebook Pages: Amy's Website: More work by Victoria can also be found on the FlautingIt YouTube Channel: If you would like to get in contact, please email:
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Links to Collaborative Artists:

Nicholas Sabisky (Composer and Flautist):

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Anna Cameli (Harpist): linkedin/annacameli

Barbara Matos (Guitarist):

Daniel King-Smith (Pianist):

Nicola Woodward (Flautist and Pianist):

Richard Sabisky (Videographer)

Matt Schwarz (Composer):

William Busen (Composer):

Anders Waller (Composer):

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